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postSome might look at this picture as a work of art or how beautiful nature is,but it tells more.seeing the sun above the water is a mere reflection of oneself being above every obstacle in life.No matter who you are,what you have been through,what problems you are facing be it financially,spiritually,educationally or emotional know you are the sun which can not be touched,which can not be manipulated.This link or blog will be revealing legal issues which You would want me to iron out or life issues you would want me to give understanding or meanings to.Its also a site I which would let me learn from you and vice versa.

Job recruitment 2018/2019

[9/3, 9:27 PM] Mercy Idoko: https://twitter.com/_AdeFunke_/status/1036603458231717888?s=19
[9/3, 9:27 PM] Mercy Idoko: https://twitter.com/_AdeFunke_/status/1036604179555528704?s=19
[9/3, 9:27 PM] Mercy Idoko: https://twitter.com/_AdeFunke_/status/1036604720507486208?s=19
[9/3, 9:28 PM] Mercy Idoko: https://twitter.com/_AdeFunke_/status/1036605336935952384?s=19


Following the link below to apply for united Bank of Africa 2018 massive employment for Nigerian Graduates

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Security Tips and civil rights.

*SECURITY TIPS* *#reformedSARS…new rules of engagement:*

*1. No FSARS personnel is allowed to interfere in any civil matter.*
*2. They are not allowed to interfere in cyber crime (yahoo yahoo).*
*3. No FSARS personnel is allowed to conduct a stop and search exercise unless there is a distress call from victims or members of the public.*
*4. They are not allowed to be involved in commercial matters (debt recovery, landlord vs Tennant issues).*
*5. They are also not allowed to interfere in any social /relationship cases ( marital matters, boyfriend / girlfriend relationship).*

*If The ‘New’ FSARS*
*Harass You.*
*Please Contact:*
*DIG, Department of Operations:* *08037025670; IGP X-SQUAD 0902 690 0729,* *08078662130,* *08174041000 – CALLS,*
*0903 227 8905 – SMS,*
*0903 562 1377-whatsapp*
*email :integrityxsquad@gmail.com*
*Here are some tips on how to* *identify fake Police,*
*men at a glance:*

*1. Number tag of a real* *policeman must be six*
*digits, less than six is fake.*

*2. Only female police* *officers have their* *numbers*
*begin with “0”, any* *policeman with number*
*beginning with “0” is fake.*

*3. Every policeman’s name tag is woven to the*
*shirt, no more removable name tags.*

*4. A distinction between the normal policeman* *and*
*the SPY* *(supernumerary) police* *personnel is that a*
*”SPY” number must be* *either three or four* *


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organization setup by the Nigerian government for graduates from valid universities, to enroll and experience this program set in place to serve the Nation Nigeria.

The purpose for this program set is to reconstruct,rebuild and bring oneness among the citizens of Nigeria,enlighten and restructure the perspectives in which individuals reason,think and act.The government has finally accepted the Youths being leaders of tomorrow by assisting with little stipend of N19,800 per member.Registration is done online,each body would be posted to a different state entirely,given call up letter and NYSC kits when finally at the NYSC camp.Nysc has implemented a sub program which is called the SAED program.It gives the youth the experience to get themselves acquainted to vocational skills and trades.



The National Youth Service Year: An Overview

The National Youth Service Corps Year comprises of four (4) main segments in which every Corps Members must satisfactorily participate before he/she is qualified to be issued a certificate of National Service. The service year therefore comprises of:

  1. Orientation Courses
  2. Primary Assignment
  3. Community Development Service
  4. Winding – Up/Passing –out.see also http://www.nysc.gov.ng/serviceyear. for more details on this four segments.

Below are reviews,experiences and suggestions of some corpers.






mangu camp JOS


Members have different perspectives and ideas on this,well we are here to listen to your take on this

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5 silly things that causes death.


Earpiece: So many have lost their lives due to loud musics in their ears making them unconscious and emcumbered by the sound plugged into their ears. It was recorded that a corper who was listening to music with both ears blocked was killed while about to cross the road in Nigeria on 8th March,2018.


Alcohol : Fun they say is downing bottles of alchol at a stretch.Alcohol in combination with other drugs, especially pain medications, tranquilizers, and sleep medications, can cause death by slowing down respiration as well as by causing the aspiration of vomit.


Usage of phones by feul pumps: ignorance they say is the root to downfall.scientist disclosed the true source of out break of fire at fuel pumps which is a static energy. This occurs when you gas up your car, you’re likely careful not to spill a single drop (gas is expensive!). Still, gas vapors hang out around the pump nozzle, even when it’s inserted in your gas tank. Those vap


Gargets: This comprises of phones, power banks,laptops,earpiece, lamps etc. The rate of death in Africa by these electronics has waxed up. Electrical energy could be passed from these objects to the body causing severe injuries and heart failure or could explode when over charged.


Beastality:. Death by dog semen. On October 7, 2008, a woman in Ireland died after having sexual intercourse with a German shepherd dog. The woman met the dog’s owner in an animal sex chatroom, which is how the encounter was initially arranged. However, it appears that she was allergic to the dog’s semen, which led to anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) and, ultimately, her death. The courts ruled that the dog’s owner was innocent of any wrongdoing in the woman’s death because she participated in the activity on her own accord; however, the resulting publicity caused the owner to lose his job and led him to be disowned by his family.

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Are you breaking the law by wearing camouflage as a civilian ?

The law stipulates in section 110 of the criminal code (CC)

Any person who- Unlawfully wearing the uniform of forces, etc. L.N. 112 of 1964. 1967 No. 27.

(1)            not being a person serving in any of the armed forces of Nigeria, wears the uniform or any part of the uniform of such forces, or any the armed dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of such uniforms; or

(2)            not being a person holding any office or authority under the Government of Nigeria or of any part thereof, wears any uniform or distinctive badge or mark or carries any token calculated to convey the impression that such person holds any office or authority under the government;

                 is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for one month, or to a fine of ten naira, unless he proves that he had the permission of the President or of the Governor of a State or wear such uniform or dress, badge or mark or to carry such token:

                 Provided that this section shall not apply to the wearing of any uniform or dress in the course of a stage play or in any bona fide public entertainment.

111.         Any person who sells or gives any uniform, or part of a or any dress, badge or mark, as in the last preceding section mentioned, to any person who is not authorised to wear the same, is guilty of an offence and is liable to the penalties prescribed in the said section.

Are they right to harass civilians?

Firstly, we should understand that these men/women are trained for combat to protect civilians of a particular country from external treats and terrorism within. They go through severe and intense training.we shouldn’t also forget their lives are on the line and during this training their mind and body mentally and physically becomes hardened.

It is highly disappointing and disrespectful of some civilians wearing these uniforms or camouflage outfit to perpetrate evil or send discomforting messages about the force.

The question still remains,is it proper for these men to harass civilians in public?

I don’t think so. The law has clearly outlined the consequences for this,which means their duty is to tender the case before the court and let the law have its way. Never forget negligence is not an excuse underneath the law.

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Seven things humans can’t live without

  1. Water: water is life. Water is a natural gift given to us by nature.water does more than keeping the body hydrated,it helps in digestion,60% of the body weight is water it helps regulate body temperature and other bodily functions.

2) Music:- music is a source of happiness and joy. I personally haven’t experienced a soul who doesn’t have a soft spot of music. It eradicates all forms of anger,sadness or depression etc

3) Love:- An affection that gladdens the heart,gives the body a warm chill and comfort. There are times we as humans need to cuddle or know someone is there to run to in terms of distress,pain and loneliness.love is mostly gotten from family and friends.

4) Money:- it is of great importance to acquire lots of money to make life easy and more pleasant. It’s a necessity also a need not want.

5) Electrical’s:- internet, mobile phones or gadgets,cars etc life would not be fun or dramatic without all theses.How many of us can do without our phones,laptops,TV’s or internet services?

6) Inspirations:- Most of us or practically everyone is in need of an inspiration to get them through the day or through certain circumstantial levels in life.Advices are needed. Also remember, No One is an Island.

7) Other creations:- Have you ever imagined it was only you in the entire world,no other being like yourself to communicate with,no animals to have as a pet or to visit at d zoo.life would be so boring. More reason why we should always keep a clean heart towards or neighbors (everyone).

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the second most celebrated day on earth after Christmas. It is a day in which people share,practice and show love towards others.valentine as we know it,was established from a man called Saint Valentine.we should briefly and swiftly elaborate on how this day “Valentine” came into existence & how it should be celebrated.

During the era of emperor Claudius ll, a man called valentine who was a priest in Rome in the third century, saw it absurd to follow the new law which was laid down by the emperor that young men should not marry but be made soldiers. Valentine neglected this,continued to proceed with marriages in hiding. This was discovered which led to his death.

Other stories claim he helped Christians to escape harsh Roman prisons, were they were often beaten and tortured.Another valentine who was imprisoned fell in love with his jailers daughter who visited him. Before his death it was said that he write letters stating from valentine which is still very mugch in existence now.

The day 14th of February was said to be chosen because there is a believe their deaths happened during the middle of February. This day is celebrated by most humans,some celebrate with their life partners,family and some alone. It’s a day to be celebrated with everyone i.e the less privileged, homeless, neighbors etc

How the week is to be celebrated.

I think everyday should be celebrated with so much love not only on the 14th. Positivity,love,smiles and words of encouragement should be shared everyday of our lives, this helps to make the world a better place.

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Failure before success

Do you think you are a failure? Well, the answer is “No”. Are you tired of not seeing end results? Are you depressed because you have not gotten to that point you want to get to? Are you scared and disappointed in yourself? Well don’t be. There are principles which have to be followed to attain the position you so deserve.

  1. Make plans
  2. Set goals
  3. Hard work
  4. Consistency / determination
  5. Prayer
  6. Confidence

For you to attain the height you want this principles have been laid down to follow. Also remember a journey begins with a step likewise Rome wasn’t built in a day. Here are some of the world greatest who were once seen as failures.

  1. Steven Spielberg-Ironically, Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times. He was eventually accepted by another school, a school which he dropped out of to pursue directing. In 2002, Spielberg finally completed his BA.

2)Colonel Sanders- is the sole founder of kfc who worked over seven different jobs which he was sacked from all until he was 40years of age. He delivered door after door he’s recipe was rejected 1,009 times but he never gave up. His hard work and determination worked for him.

3) Walt Disney-was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because, his editor said, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

4)Oprah Winfrey was an evening news reporter and apparently got fired because she couldn’t sever her emotions from her stories. Eventually she was fired from the producer of Baltimore’s WJZ-TV.

5) Jack Ma- He is apparently the wealthiest in chine, he failed 3 times in college, rejected from 30 job interview yet, he is the founder of Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce website according to boss- haunting handles more traffic than eBay and Amazon combined.Always remember life would give you lemons but it’s your choice to make out o it a lemonade.No not too late for anything.Be that icon others would like to be.

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Word of the day-: the only better version of youself is you.

World fame and riches

Illuminati” refers to various organisations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these links are unsubstantiated. They are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. “According to Wikipedia”.

This group of people are said to be the enlightened with knowledge.

They also believe that “The real illuminati is for people with vision, men and women, gentlemen and ladies excluding children, who are looking to get famous & have passion for extreme Wealth”.

Was Micheal Jackson not said to have joined while he was a child?

What are the benefits?

A benefit may be considered as anything which is helpful, profitable, favorable, and advantageous to a person. A benefit may take many forms such as improving a person in some way, promoting his happiness, raising his status socially, increasing his personal contacts with others, or assisting him in any number of other ways. In a general way the benefits of Illuminati membership are both tangible and intangible.

Here are few of the tangible benefits that come to mind at once. Many Joined members have identities, and among them are SSCN (Secret Serial Code Number), illuminati Miracle rings, illuminati T. Shirts, Illuminati Caps, Illuminati Bungles, illuminati Aprons, Illuminati Necklace, Illuminati Chains and more others. And Intangible benefits are illuminati powers given by the baphomet and more others

Illuminati Miracle Ring is used by many famous Politicians and Celebrities like President Barack Obama, Former U.S.A President George Bush and Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict, Oprah Winfrey, 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Bono, P-Square, Lady Gaga and the recent Lupita Nyong’o among others.

If you want to win any Business Deal, Game, Sport, Tender, Lover, pending Court case or a Political seat; then you MUST buy the Miracle Ring today!!!

Once you put the Miracle Ring in your finger, automatically you will gain control of anybody you wish in this World once you greet them or wave them using the hand which has the Ring.

Baphomet who is said to be the source of their power is a creature with human and animal parts. It has a goat head and leg,human hands,two wings and two serpents by the middle area of its body.analyzing this creature it has both components of the physical world and spiritual word. The Bible stated that an angel of God who failed to worship Gods creation which are humans made In his likeness was sent to earth(the wings). Adam and Eve were led by a serpent which was cursed by God to crawl with its belly made them eat of the fruit of Good and Evil. It’s human body represents earth.

Part of the initiation

Sacrifices are been made and you also have to be reborn and become a “matter” no longer a physical object.”the initiation process includes a ritual of sacrifice. For the sacrifice, there are different rituals performed, depending of the Illuminati order. Some are extreme, and require a death of another human being. In some cases, the inductee is required to kill somebody during the initiation process, an action that will prove his true loyalty to the Order and beliefs.

However, the more common ritual includes a sacrifice of an animal. In their belief that a person receives power from a departing spirit (the spirit of another person dying), the Illuminati sacrifice an animal. The inductee is positioned at a bench, lying on his back, and an animal is placed on top of him. The animal is then killed, and let to bleed to death. The blood of the dying animal spills on the inductee, and the Illuminati believe that the blood is what gives power and knowledge”.check http://www.documentarytube.com for more info.

Members of this society lives amongst us,davido, wizkid,D-bank,tiwa savage,p-square,tekno etc

Signs of the Illuminati

In this your soul would be exchanged for fame,money,power and other material things you would be seeking. The Bible also says “what does a

man gain if he gains the world and looses his soul”.

Are they really satanic?

Only you can answer that.

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Child Abuse

The child right Act (CRA),was agreed upon in 2003 by the National Assembly and former President Olusegun Obasanjo of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The CRA reckon a child as a person who is below 18. This Act also stipulates the rights and duties of children,parents and the government also, activities that are unjustifiable.

Rights and responsibilities of a child

1)Right to survival and development.
2)Right to name.
3)Freedom of association and peaceful assembly.
4)Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.5)Right to private and family life.
6)Right to freedom of movement.
7)Right to freedom from discrimination.
8)Right to dignity of the child.
9)Right to leisure, recreation and cultural activities.
10)Right to health and health services.
11)Right to parental care, protection and maintenance.
12)Right of a child to free, compulsory and universal primary education, etc.
13)Right of a child in need of special protection measure.
14)Right of the unborn child to protection against harm, etc.
15) Contractual rights of a child.16)Responsibilities of a child and parent.
17)   Parent, etc. to provide guidance with respect to child’s responsibilities.etc

Legal rights and tribal sentiments

The law on child rights prohibits any form of mark or tattoo drawn on the skin of a child. This is mostly seen among the yorubas and hausas’.Anyone one who is liable on conviction to a fine of 5000 or imprisonment for a month,it could also be both.

Serious crimes against children

  1. Exposing them to drug trafficking which is punishable by life imprisonment or used for criminal activities is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years
  2. Rape,this is a very serious offense by the law and it is punishable by life imprisonment.For this to take place there must be penetration.visit ayobickersteth.wordpress.com for more info on Rape
  3. Using children for businesses like hawking and slavery etc

I also believe the saying that children are the leaders of Tomorrow. Let us encourage and see the favor in sending children to school. Most of them are facing torture,imprisonment, low self esteem.

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Word of the day:- No positive impact makes you an empty barrel